Friday, August 15, 2008

Revoltech : Fraulein Revoltech Series No. 010 - Gurren Lagann 1/10 Scale Yoko

I personally like the Gurren Lagann anime series. Especially the Gurren Lagann Mecha and the pretty girl YOKO. Yoko has been very popular among Gurren Lagann fans around the world. The good news is... Revoltech will release Yoko figures in their Fraulein series. It will be released on 1st October 2008. The figure is nicely crafted and comes with a long sniper gun. It will be using Kaiyado specially designed joints to make Yoko movement smooth and well balance. It will allow you to pose Yoko in any pose you want. Now already start receiving preorder for Revoltech Yoko figure. Click here to preorder it. Now enjoy the pictures of the figure.

Revoltech ARX-8 Laevatein

Revoltech is releasing another great action figure using the famous Revolver Joint on 15 August 2008 called ARX-8 Laevatein from the anime Full Metal Panic series. The box of this figure is twice as big as the normal Revoltech box and it comes with tons of goodies inside. ARX-8 comes with few different types of weaponry which includes Demolition Gun (really big gun), shot gun, Anti-tank dagger, Monomolecular Cutter and grenades. The figure itself can pose any way you want it to be. The price for this figure in Japan is about 2500 yen. To buy this, click on this link --> Revoltech ARX-8

Ready to Shoot...

The Packaging

The Goodies

Shooting it high

With Monomolecular Cutter

The Demolition can be kept behind the figure.. It's nice.

Pose with Demolition Gun and Anti-tank Dagger

Back of the figure